WinNC for Windows is a file manager with two sides and advanced options enabling you to manipulate files today when you are working in a friendly environment. You can download it to your computer for managing various files.

What Is WinNc for Windows?

You surely want to know briefly about WinNc for Windows. It is an application designed to imitate the practicality and transferring speed from the file manager of Norton Commander. Then, it renews to fulfil the demand and request today. It is similar to Norton Commander in which WinNc for Windows displays two landscapes of two same panels. It enables you to see the content of two folders at the same time. It makes it easy to find and move files.

The Functions of WinNc for Windows

There will be some functions of WinNc. WinNc for Windows offers a simple method to copy, move, delete, and change a file name using the function buttons on your keyboard. It is not similar to Norton Commander in which every task is completed with several big options and filtering setting.

It seems to be too much because you’ll get a pop-up window when you want to copy a task in a simple method. For example, when you should use a filter feature, you can target a particular subfolder that can be made on the particular time interval and move it without seeing a root directory. However, a filtering window can be deactivated if it is not comfortable.

What’s New in WinNc?

You can install WinNc free download on your computer. You can get some new features and functions of this application. This application will fix small problems in quick access. You can choose the Korean language because Kim Ji Won takes a role in inserting that language. DPI Scaling is increasing to improve the performance of this application on the computer.

To be a file manager, WinNc is not only moving files. It can insert, encrypt, describe, convert, share, burn CD, and combine the files. Even, it can synchronize the folders because everyone has a music folder on the computer. You can also use it to make an MP3 playlist on your computer. It gives a great deal to this application. The colour code is the most amazing feature of this application. You can easily identify and cancel a particular task for an urgent task. You can also set a maximum number of running parallel.

Technical information


Operating System







14 Mb



Windows 7/8/10





Publish Date

14 March 2021

10332 total

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