Software Policy

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This Software Policy is aimed at ensuring that developers, users, advertisers and the general public are aware of the guidelines applying to software and applications, and their behaviour, available on the Softfamed sites.

Here’s the Software Policy

Basic Principles

Softfamed reserves the right to not make available from its websites its discretion, considers to be or related to malware, spyware or viruses, nor potential threats to a user´s privacy.

Software Users

Users should be able to clearly understand the principal and significant functions of the software and the specific effects the software will have on their computers.

Software Developer

  1. The landing page relating to the software or application must clearly identify the owner of the software or application, with a valid physical mailing address and email that’s clearly visible.
  2. Programs should have a valid and verified code signature issued by a code-signing authority that presents verifiable publisher information.
  3. The software and download page must contain a link to an End User License Agreement (EULA) or Terms of Service (TOS).

Software Rejected

Softfamed reserves the right to immediately reject any software or applications, or blacklist software or applications from appearing on its websites, in breach of this policy.

This policy is constantly being refined. We count on your help for detecting breaches of it and improving it, so please do not hesitate to contact us