You better consider Cent Browser for Windows if you love spending time surfing the web. As a third-party browser, Cent Browser comes with various convenient features and unique functions to enjoy.

If you commonly use Google Chrome, you will be familiar with the interface and features of Cent Browser. Other than free, Cent Browser works blazing-fast and compatible with all types of Windows. There is no need for special requirements to operate this internet browser.

Features offered

  • Multiple tabs

If you are using an android smartphone, you can go with Cent Browser for Android. More than anything, Cent Browser is such a convenient tool to surf the web. It comes with several tab options. Other than going incognito, you can cut off your memory consumption by clicking right.

  • Mouse gesture

Cent Browser also comes with a mouse gesture feature. It allows you to execute commands by right-clicking your mouse.

Once the function is enabled, you can navigate back and ford, reloading, switching open tabs, show browsing history, view downloading, and full-screen mode to name a few. You don’t need to use toolbars, menus, and even a keyboard.

  • Windows compatibility

As its name suggests, Cent Browser for Windows is compatible with all device types with the Windows Operating System. You at least need Windows XP to run this browser on your PC. Also, it can run smoothly in both 32-bit and 62-bit setups.

Other features

Cent Browser is a flexible and effective web browser. Coming with a pack of features, users are spoilt. The UI is intuitive. You only need basic knowledge to operate a computer to run this web browser.

Other than all features mentioned above, this web browser also offers something special to its users. There is a QR code generator you can use to create your very own QR codes.
In case you already open a window, you can directly switch it to Incognito Tabs by right-clicking the window.

What if you are required to sign in to your Google account? Cent Browser allows its users to install extensions of Chrome Browser in the first place. Thus, transforming all data across browser platforms is seamless.


Surfing the web has become a staple for many computer users around the world. Using the right web browser will enhance your surfing experience in the first place. Cent Browser is an alternative for those who look for an upgraded browsing experience. Thus, feel free to try Cent Browser free download.

Technical information


Operating System




Cent Studio






72 Mb



Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10





Publish Date

05 February 2023

2311 total

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