Dota 2 for Windows is a multiplayer online battle arena game, where teams of five fight each other in an effort to damage the other’s “Ancient Fortress”. The major combating happens in between these two bases in lanes with protective towers that need to initially be destroyed. The game has a range of cosmetics that can fit any style if you’re willing to spend the money on each item.

Many champions

Dota 2 is a follow up to what was once a mode in Warcraft 3 and also has enhanced in many areas since that mod initially went real-time. The game makes use of many technical technicians during player fight that can be confusing to new players as well as is just one of the reasons for the significant trouble of the game.


One game technician that transforms whatever is the product shop that both groups have accessibility to purchasing. The products players acquisition will certainly influence their stats as well as improve their hero’s assault damage, movement speed, or a host of various other impactful statistics. The strategy of understanding what to buy at what time can alter the result of a battle or the entire suit.

To download Dota 2 for Windows and play this game, you must first install Steam

Technical information


Operating System







Latest 2021



2 Mb



Windows 7/8/10



Free to Play


Publish Date

24 February 2021

22545 total

Alternatives and Similar Software

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Dota 2

Every day, millions of players worldwide enter battle as one of over a hundred Dota heroes.

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