Gmail for Android, why must you have the account? Google is one of the technology giants that rule the world currently. It produces and designs so many products that are really needed by the society. One if them is to communicate via email. Well, you can have many email accounts but make sure that Gmail is one of them.

Gmail is proven to give you so many benefits. Particularly, it is if you are the user of Android. What are the benefits? Here are a few of them.

No Expiration Date

Some other email platforms provide their products with expiration dates. The expiration date is when you don’t open the account in a certain duration. The rule is sometimes quite disturbing mainly if you indeed don’t have any purpose for opening email in a long time. With Google, there is no such a thing.
Gmail APK download doesn’t have any expiration date. Undeniably, this part is the most favorite one. With this feature, you don’t need to make a new account so many times just because you are not opening the account for some months.

One Account for Many Platforms and Services

There is only one account required to use all platforms and services from Google including email. This way, you can use and enjoy some other apps more easily such as Google Drive, YouTube, and many more. This is very simple and practical as you don’t need to remember too many passwords to open them.

Interestingly, many websites also have used this feature. To log in, you don’t need to create a special account. Just enter it with a Google account.

Big Storage Capacities

The next incredible thing from Gmail is its big capacity. Even the free version provides you a storage space of 15GB. It is more than enough to keep your old mails including them that consist of images and videos. Do you think it is not enough? Don’t worry. There is a paid version of the Gmail APK in which you can get up to 100GB.

Other Email Accounts in Gmail

It is not a secret that you can save many Gmail accounts on one device. But do you know that you can save email accounts from other platforms here to. It is so great particularly if you have many accounts from many platforms too. This way, sending and receiving emails are getting simpler and more interesting with Gmail for Android.|

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