KeePass Password Safe for Windows is an ideal app to store your passwords safely. At some point, you may have tons of passwords for various reasons. Meanwhile, it can be difficult to differentiate which password for what.

KeePass, on the other hand, comes with various benefits to offer. For those who need a secure place to store passwords, KeePass is worth trying.

The management systems are comprehensive and the best on the market. Other than that, your data is safe with KeePass. In this article, we will provide the KeePass review. In case you plan to use this app, here are things you would love about KeePass.


KeePass has been around since 2003. Nowadays, it has numerous customization options for free. You may need to learn how to operate the app in the first place. Once you know everything about the app, this would be a powerful app to manage your passwords.

Before utilizing all features, you can start with creating a database consists of all your passwords. Later, you can decide on a master key to put protection on it – as simple as that.

Pros and Cons

  • Things you love

KeePass Password Safe download is one of the best free apps to store your passwords. The app is an open-source type. You can access your data whenever you need it as long as you have a decent internet connection.

KeePass also comes with extensive plugin supports, which are easy to use. You don’t need to master a certain level of skill to use this app. Other than that, you are the one who controls your data.

  • Things to consider

However, even though KeePass features a simple interface and intuitive features, the design is somewhat outdated. It can be unintuitive if the developer doesn’t take any action.

Even though KeePass comes with tons of plugin supports, you need to use a plugin for almost all standard features. If you are not a fan of installing plugins, this might tire you at some point.

Keep in mind that KeePass is a third-party app. Be sure to download from a trusted site in the first place.


All in all, KeePass Password Safe for Windows is an open-source and free app anyone can use. However, it comes with a few things to consider, even though some people wouldn’t mind about that.

If you are willing to invest in some effort, KeePass Password Safe for PC is one of the most powerful password managers you can find.

Technical information


Operating System




V 2.47



4 Mb



Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10





Publish Date

05 March 2021

2034 total

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