Audio quality and file size often go in opposite directions. Hi-fi lovers who want to enjoy high-quality audio have to sacrifice a lot of storage space to keep their audio files. Conversely, people with limited storage space have to compromise by compressing their files, though that could mean sacrificing the audio quality. Monkey’s Audio for Windows arrives to solve this dilemma. With this audio compression tool, you can reduce the size of your audio files without compromising their quality.

Monkey’s Audio for Windows

Here are several features that make it an excellent tool for hi-fi lovers.

  • It compresses audio files without reducing their quality.

As stated above, with Monkey’s Audio for Windows, you can cut the size of your WAV files without degrading their quality. Anyone familiar with how audio compression works must have been aware that formats like MP3 do reduce the size without significant change in quality, but such a change remains present. You cannot say that an MP3 file has the same quality as that of the original uncompressed FLAC or WAV file.

Monkey’s Audio for Windows offers the best solution by compressing an audio file without reducing its quality. It reduces the file size but doesn’t meddle with the audio quality. The file size reduction might not be as significant as that of MP3 compression, but if you are working with a lot of files, the difference will appear significant.

  • The compression method can be two-way.

In terms of file size reduction, you may prefer the MP3 compression method to that done using Monkey’s Audio for Windows; however, this app does a thing that other compression methods cannot do: allowing two-way compression. If you compress a WAV file into an MP3 file, this compression method is destructive. You cannot decompress the MP3 file back into the original WAV file. This is because the quality degradation is permanent.

If you compress your audio files using Monkey’s Audio, you will produce an APE file. This file has a smaller file size compared with that of the original uncompressed file. The good thing about this APE file is that you can decompress it back into the original file. You never compromise the audio quality of the file.

Monkey’s Audio is free.

The best thing about Monkey’s Audio for Windows is that it is free. You can find Monkey’s Audio free download link easily and after you get the program, you can use it for free without limitations.

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16 April 2021

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