Snapseed for Android is one of the most used photo editing apps for people. If you look at the number of downloads on the Google Playstore, the total downloads alone have reached more than 100 million times. No wonder the total downloader is because this editing application can indeed produce cool and cool photos. Many celebrities use Snapseed to help their photos deserve to be uploaded to their Instagram account.

You are intrigued by the greatness of this application, right? Come on, consider the following explanation!

Is Snapseed highly recommended?

One of the great things about the Snapseed for Android is that it’s free. You can access all the photo editing features which are pretty good for a free application. This application can edit basics such as lighting, coloring, cropping photos, straightening photos that look tilted, you can even remove objects that are in the background using this application, you know!

How to use it is also very easy and light. During using Snapseed, the Chatting Team rarely experiences problems such as lagging or loading too long. In addition, this application is also rarely very advertisement spam, in fact, rarely, it makes it very easy for users. So, even though it’s free, this app won’t make you emotional.

The editing features in this application are indeed very basic editing features. However, these are the features you need to create simple photos that are pleasing to the eye. Not surprisingly, many professional photographers will usually suggest the Snapseed application to new users who want to learn photography.

The excellent features

  • Tune Image
    Tune the image in this snapseed APK to adjust the lighting in a photo. So that someone can change the photo, which was dark due to lack of light, into a brighter photo. In addition, this person can automatically colorize the photo.
  • Crop
    The crop feature in this snapseed is used to cut the standard size of a photo. So here someone can crop photos from standard sizes into photo sizes according to their wishes. Someone will usually do this crop because there is a part of the photo that he doesn’t like.
  • Rotate
    Rotate in this snapseed application serves to rotate or flip a photo. With this rotate feature, one can rotate or reverse the photo up to 90 degrees. Another advantage of this rotate feature is that if someone’s photo is tilted, then by using this feature the oblique photo can be straightened.
  • Text
    A photo will also look cooler and nicer when equipped with text. One can provide text on a photo by using the text feature in this snapseed application. A photo can be given text with various types of designs and colors when using this application.

Those are 4 excellent features of the snapseed for Android as an editing application.|

Technical information


Operating System




Google LLC









28 Mb



Android 4.0 or higher





Publish Date

19 June 2021

201111 total

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