Imagine having a small freeware that simplifies your use of your PC and gives you easy access to hundreds of useful free applications. That is what you’ll get if you install SyMenu for Windows on your system. If you are curious about how big the wonder that a small app can do, trying this app will not hurt.

A Small and Cool App

This small app looks trivial the first time you open it. And that’s what the developer intends to do with the app, to make it simple and easy enough for the commoners to use. What is wonderful is that even in its simpler version, it is already functional and helpful. With the small icon that floats on your screen after the installation, you can access all the deepest places on your PC.

The floating SyMenu icon functions like the simpler version of your PC’s start menu. When you click it, it will expand a menu that gives you access to a search box (it has a built-in indexing mechanism) and to all explorable drives on your PC. This menu thus gives you much quicker access to particular files on your PC than the access provided by your Windows Explorer.

With a Big Potential

You can reveal the real wonder of SyMenu for Windows by pressing the “get new apps” button. A new window will appear, showing you hundreds of freeware applications that you can download and run from SyMenu. Don’t worry about stuffing your system because SyMenu runs all the downloaded apps as portable apps. You can download them, run them, and erase them if you want without causing a problem to your system.

These apps are not low-quality apps with little to no value, but apps with real function and reputation that are known among advanced PC users. They range from simple media players like AIMPPortable to full productivity apps and suites like LibreOffice and GIMP. There are even games that you can download and play conveniently using this app. In a nutshell, SyMenu looks like a small gate to the content of your PC, but this gate also opens a larger universe where you can uncover the best that you can ever do with your PC.

And Zero Cost

SyMenu for Windows is a freeware app with no hidden payment. You can enjoy SyMenu free download and discover its wonders without spending a dime; however, if you want to appreciate the developer, there is a small donation button on their website that you can smash.

Technical information


Operating System







4 Mb



Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10





Publish Date

21 May 2021

20311 total

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