The popular WPS Office Free for Windows is an alternative to Microsoft Office as an office suite application. Although it is free, it offers many things that lead to a base of users and fans who use it. You need to try this app if you have never used it before.

So far, there are over 500 million users of this application worldwide. It comes with lots of features and benefits that users can incorporate when handling various documents. Among them is the full compatibility with Microsoft Office. That is the key element that attracts a lot of users.

WPS Office Free for Windows

The standard features of Spreadsheets, Presentation, and Writer are crucial to create and manage all sorts of a document. Regardless of your purpose in installing and using this software, no need to worry about doing anything in it.

This WPS Office Free application delivers a massive blow to similar apps with its pack of loaded stuff. It includes more than 230 fonts and about 100 templates in it already. That makes it easy for users to create new documents without spending a lot of time on them.
If you need to manage spreadsheets, it comes with about 100 formulas in it.

Unquestionably, making formulas in spreadsheets is not easy. That many calculation procedures included in it will be nothing but helpful for its users worldwide.

More of the supports for this Windows WPS Office Free include its compatibility with Google Docs and Apps. Furthermore, it fully supports VBA/Macro as well. It even comes with 1GB free of WPS Cloud service. Unfortunately, it is only available for users in Android and PC with Windows OS.

Users who need to handle multiple documents at once will experience a hassle-free feature in it. The so-called Multiple Document Tabs in this application provide quick and easy switching in between opened documents. It only requires users to press Ctrl + Tab to switch from one another.

More things to expect from this free application include the easy-to-use drag-and-drop tool. It makes it quicker and easier to alter individual paragraphs in text documents. There is also the Section Navigation feature that simplifies movement from various sections of any file.

In the end, it is a far too good software to skip. Under the terms of freeware, the WPS Office Free for PC offers many benefits to experience. There is no need to wait further to get a copy of this freeware and start using its features right away.

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