Removing the background of a photo is a task that you can accomplish using Adobe Photoshop or its alternatives, but why should you use a complex and costly app if you can do it quickly and for free? Bg Eraser is an app that helps you remove unwanted background from your photo. Many people enjoy having a photo without background because they can then replace the bland and even unsightly background with another better and more attractive one.

Bg Eraser Pros and Cons

Bg Eraser for Windows is a free app. You don’t have to pay to use it and there is no hidden payment to unlock premium features. No watermark will appear on the processed photo if you use this app. This is the most obvious advantage of using Bg Eraser free download. You will get everything that you want without compromise and you don’t have to pay anything for it.

Another advantage of using this app lies in its quick and simple operation. When you open the app, you won’t see a complex interface. You will only see a big box where you can drag and drop your photo. With a push of a button, the app will process the photo to remove the background. You don’t need any technical skills to use this app. It is fast, simple, and very easy to use.

Last but not least, you will love the app’s small size and lightweight infrastructure. You can install and use this app on your PC without hogging down your machine. There is no ad appearing on its interface and there is no security risk associated with this app. You don’t have to worry about malware or anything when installing and running it on your PC.

If there is something to be concerned with, that would be the fact that the app requires a stable internet connection. What you are using is not a stand-alone offline app because it needs a stable connection to, where the photo processing occurs. When you drag your photo into this app, it will upload the app and perform the background removal process online. When the process finishes, you can download the photo through the app.

Should You Use this App?

If you don’t bother opening your web browser whenever you want to remove the background of your phone, it might be better for you to go directly to and do the entire process there, but if opening a web browser is a hassle that you prefer to skip, download Bg Eraser for Windows and make sure that your computer connects to the internet when using it.|

Technical information


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Windows 7/8/10





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31 May 2021

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