YouTube Movie Maker for Windows is an extremely useful and practical app to create and upload videos to YouTube within seconds. This app will even be more useful when you use it to share many records, such as vlogs or tutorial videos to your YouTube channel or social media.

The interface is simple, easy, and comfortable to use. Moreover, it also has so many useful features that can help you to create professional-like videos. Here are the features of YouTube Movie Maker.

Create and Edit 2D Movies Or 3D Movies

Using YouTube Movie Maker allows you to use any video and photo formats to create amazing 2D movies or 3D movies. Then, you can immediately share it with your YouTube subscribers and viewers.

As you know, the quality of your videos literally affects the number of your viewers and subscribers. Increase your video quality with this app.

Add Titles, Texts, Credits, and Logos

This editing app allows you to personalize your videos or movies by adding titles, texts, and captions. You can also create and use your own logo as a credit to maintain your copyright.

It makes it easy for you to add descriptions to your movie or video so that you can let your subscribers and viewers know about the role you take in the production.

Add Motion Effects

You must already have seen running texts in a video or movie or pictures moving on-screen. YouTube Movie Maker has a motion effects feature. You can use such a feature to add motion effects to your movies or videos.

It also makes it possible for you to add the effects to subtitles, pictures, lyrics, captions, texts, and many more. Its interface is user-friendly so that you can quickly create cool animation videos or movies to share to your YouTube channel.

Video Chroma Key

The next feature is Video Chroma Key. Video Chroma Key is also known as a green screen. The production crew usually use this kind of screen in order to remove and replace all backgrounds of a video or movie.

Then, they can change it with desired backgrounds. The background or color being removed is called key color or color range.

Handwriting Lyrics Video

This might be the last, but not least. Be a unique, outstanding YouTuber by creating a lyric video using your handwriting digitally on-screen. Be the next famous star on YouTube by using this feature of YouTube Movie Maker for Windows.

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Operating System




RZSoft Inc






v 18.57



62 Mb



Windows 7/8/10





Publish Date

30 May 2021

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